Insulet Corporation

OmniPod Pediatric Marketing Campaign

Branding/Corporate Identity, Print Collateral, Advertising, Online Communications/Website, Packaging, Trade Show Graphics

Challenge: If your child has Type 1 diabetes, you are going to make sure they get the best treatment. But for years that has meant scary insertion needles, nearly two feet of tubing and a pump clipped to their belt—every minute of every day. You can imagine the loss of freedom. Our client had a revolutionary solution (the OmniPod Insulin Management System): Pump therapy with no tubing. The trick was to get the product noticed. (and in the hands of potential customers)

Solution: We developed a child-friendly world of animals, then featured the characters wearing the product. In ads and collateral talk bubbles quoted real customers and pointed out the product's benefits. At the primary Children with Diabetes conference, a large installation attracted children and kept them entertained while their parents learned more. Sample Pods were all the rage with both the target market and their siblings.

Result: Awareness among our target audience rose 300%. Sales escalated sharply. And siblings without diabetes begged their parents for their very own Pods.